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With the Dietary Supplement industry receiving more and more attention from the FDA on the safety of the ingredients contained in their products, having a good Supplement Safety Management System in place makes it important for assuring the proper management of required documentation related to suppliers, third party auditors, compliance, quality and risk in line with FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) requirements.

In the previous post, we began a process of building the foundation for a roadmap to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and its implications for US companies by outlining a blueprint to examine important aspects of the law.

C&F with Global Headquarters in Warsaw, Poland is happy to announce we have become a member of Rx-360, an International Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Consortium.

This post represents the first in a series intended to build a roadmap to GDPR compliance for US companies. We will be taking a deep dive into many important aspects of the law, for example, the crossroads between GDPR and EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, understanding conditions of consent, looking at extra-territorial applicability considerations, the right to be forgotten provision and what it means for data retention policies and storage systems, to name a few.