C&F is excited to announce their strategic technology partnership with InfoGPS Networks, Inc., a software company focused on data discovery and risk prioritization.

InfoGPS and C&F solution AdaptiveGRC will combine technologies to automate the process of creating a risk based inventory of sensitive content at all organization levels. The partnership will leverage the power of both companies to deliver a comprehensive risk management solution that will allow organizations in regulated industries to manage their risk in real-time, score risk and make decisions that will protect overall shareholder value.

“We are pleased to begin our relationship with AdaptiveGRC and the experienced professionals at C&F. With the significant pressure to address risk across all business disciplines, AdaptiveGRC is providing a comprehensive approach to risk management that we feel is an immediate benefit to clients who use their services. Where that risk involves sensitive data, we are excited to give those same clients the ability to automate this discovery and scoring. As we know, better decisions begin with better information”, said Paul Hugenberg, CEO at InfoGPS.

AdaptiveGRC by C&F is an integrated governance, risk management and compliance cloud based or on premise solution suite. It supports a much more effective and efficient approach to operating and reporting on any or all primary GRC activities, creating earlier visibility and mitigation of risks and substantial operational impact reductions.

“We believe that partnering with InfoGPS will allow us to provide better overall GRC solutions to our customers. InfoGPS has years of experience working with companies addressing risk across all business disciplines. Our joint offering will help these organizations to meet the growing risk concerns and the compliance requirements companies face in regulated industries everyday by providing the ability to automate this discovery and scoring in real-time.” said Jan Anisimowicz, Head of AdaptiveGRC.

About InfoGPS Networks, Inc.
InfoGPS is a software company focused on data discovery, data classification, data mapping and risk prioritization. For organizations that are addressing regulatory pressures to protect sensitive information, or provide risk-based services to these clients, InfoGPS will automate the process of creating the risk based inventory of sensitive content at all organization levels. In the performance of this process, InfoGPS does not require the end user to interact with the software, does not copy or transmit sensitive data matches off of the device across the network (taking data at rest and making it data in motion), enforces Least Privilege by preventing disclosure of sensitive date through its Portland, and distinguishes between your actual customer data versus simple pattern matching. And, InfoGPS provides the ability to score risk in economic terms, a critical component for board reporting.

About C&F
C&F, established in 2001, is a team of passionate people working around the globe. We operate from 5 locations (Poland, US, Australia, Japan, Czech Republic) with HQ in Warsaw, Poland. Our solutions are deployed in 60+ countries in over 25 different language packs. We specialize in Life Sciences, Financial Services and Oil & Gas with years of GRC expertise spanning across multiple other industries where security is of the highest importance.