C&F: Business Continuity in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The ongoing epidemic threat means that over the past weeks we at C&F have been operating in an internal state of emergency and implementing a variety of safety and security initiatives and procedures, which have allowed us to successfully maintain business continuity.


We keep closely in touch with our Clients, the Users of our products and we freely share up-to-date information on the impact the pandemic has on C&F. We continue to be fully transparent about the mitigation measures the company has already implemented and is implementing to minimize risks and provide a sense of safety and security to our personnel and partners.


After a dozen weeks of fully remote work for the entire C&F team, we decided to conditionally reopen the office from June 1. While maintaining strict safety measures, the C&F office space is now available to those among our personnel who indicated that this is a necessary step to improve their working conditions and personal comfort.


I want to stress once again that C&F’s business continuity remains undisturbed in the slightest, as it always has, and that all internal processes and projects remain in operation as usual.


C&F continues following the Business Continuity Plan, which takes into consideration current and future risks that stem from both the epidemic and the restrictions and recommendations issued by authorities. Not only is there no threat to the company’s financial result, but in fact C&F has taken on more personnel in the past quarter, securing appropriate support capability for our current Clients and new implementations.


Today I would like to personally share the following information with you:


Current situation:

We have prepared detailed instructions for our personnel on the utilization of the office space from June onwards, aimed at minimizing the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection. These rules have been created on the basis of current legal and health regulations and compliance with them is mandatory for all persons in the office. Remote work remains the recommended mode in C&F at least for the next 2 months.


Business Continuity Plan:

C&F has implemented business continuity plans in case any of the following potential scenarios unfolds with the development of the epidemic situation:

– loss of access to company headquarters

– unavailability of key personnel

– unavailability of a major part of personnel at different levels

– interruptions in key services performed by outside contractors

– actualization of other emergency plans


C&F is fully ready to return to entirely remote work at any time in case the epidemic situation should deteriorate in Poland or globally and any of our offices becomes unavailable.


Mitigation measures implemented by C&F:

– we closely monitor and strictly implement advice from all relevant authorities and experts;

– we have suspended all business trips and actively encourage our personnel to refrain from visiting heightened-risk areas in their private time;

we have implemented a stringent “safe return to the office” policy and a strict ban on visiting the office for anyone with any symptom potentially pointing to COVID-19;

– we actively encourage personnel to self isolate in case they even suspect themselves to be in a heightened-risk group;

we provide any and all technological resources for remote work;

– we have completed several successful tests of our internal emergency notification plan to ensure prompt and guaranteed delivery of critical information and key decisions.


Together with the entire C&F Team, I wish you all the best and remain ready to provide any additional information or clarifications you require.


Please feel free to peruse publications by C&F experts, including texts on business continuity during a pandemic, on https://medium.com/c-f-data-driven-innovators.