C&F is ranked at #4 among IT solution and service providers for healthcare in Computerworld TOP 200
Published on Jul 4, 2022

For the past three years, C&F has been listed in the largest ICT ranking in Poland: ComputerworldTOP200. With each passing year we have been climbing ever higher in the categories that are for us most important business-wise.  

​Today, C&F is ranked at #4 among IT solution and service providers for healthcare. Last year we were ranked #6 and we moved up two notches largely thanks to our co-operation with a Covid-19 vaccine maker.  

C&F is also in the top ten (8th place) of largest software testing service provider. It’s the first time we have been ranked in this category.  

In the highly competitive category of Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Discovery system providers we kept our 14th place. This is a huge success given how many companies offer these and related services both in Poland and abroad these days.

We are also in the top twenty (#19 and 20, respectively) of largest custom-made software providers (we leapt up 31 spots compared to 2020) and cloud-based service providers.

C&F nearly made the top 30 (we’re at #32) of IT companies with largest net profit and largest IT solution and service providers for big companies and corporations, which shows some great business decision making on our part.

It goes without saying that earning such high places in this ranking wouldn’t have been possible if we weren’t a dynamic team made up of people for whom “impossible” just isn’t part of their vocabulary, and who find IT challenges motivating rather than daunting. Especially that competition is fierce, as according to KRS data, there are 131 thousand IT companies operating in Poland.

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