C&F Data-Driven Innovation Solutions

Data Innovation Readiness

Business Assessment & Feasibility Study. Investigation of company data assets, digital processes and resources.

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A methodological step-by-step assessment of the current data and data management processes to understand business readiness to fuel data-driven solutions that will help optimize operational and accelarate commercial excellence.

Our Team analyses the way data assets are used and understood by key stakeholders. C&F reviews and proposes optimisation to the collaboration models between different parts of the organization

Deliverables include maturity model, gap assessment with the recommended neccessary corrections, data and analytical roadmap including change management program, business case with the investment analysis and statement of work.

Additionally C&F can explore data monetization options within and/or outside of your current business functions.

Data Factory Lab

The Center of Data and Value Innovation, the key enablement and empowerment of the Data-driven enterprise. This is where ideas are born, solidified, verified and put to execution or… retirement. Pure agility and digital execution.

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Collect data in an exclusive ecosystem that allows you effectively explore, transform and analyze the data assets to unlock their commercial value.

Leverage your business ideas and their monetization potential by quickly testing and validating the work hypotheses

A perfect combination of an effective data processing and storage concepts with the intuitive and user-friendly Data Science – to allow your innovators to stay focused on creating their own data products

Built-in connectors help you enrich internal data with that available from 3rd parties to generate even more precise insights

Commercial Excellence Center

Sales Balanced Scorecard and Reporting solutions with full support for mobility. From sales reporting tools to intelligent commercial excellence dashboards with root-and-cause analysis as well as forecasting capabilities.

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Visual, interactive exploration and graphical interpretation of data that allows your users uncover invisible insights in the data and –irrespective of their analytical experience – to closely monitor the key elements of the business as well as discover and anticipate emerging market trends.

The solution can be used on any mobile device, making information available at your fingertip – anywhere, anytime.

User-friendly and intuitive interface lets you monitor not only static KPIs, but enables you to understand the reasons behind the numbers and to share your findings, comments and ideas easily with managers, customers and the field.

The architecture allows seamless integration of new data sources, both structured and unstructured data, discover and understand additional insights and trends.

HR Innovation Portal

HR analytics for smart recruitment, career management and MBO center. Efficient processing of thousand of applications with analytically enabled decision automation.

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Employee self-service portal delivers comprehensive support in the areas of:

• absence management
• pre-employee introduction
• e-Documents, e-Portfolio, e-Payslips processing and approvals
• Employee time registration

Integration with SAP HR removes the burden of registration and processing of requests from the HR department to employees and their managers (approvals).

Mobile access improves the productivity and shorten leave approval time from weeks or days to hours.

Corporate management of the company gains access to additional HR KPIs allowing faster and more efficient decision making process.

Change Master Academy

Change Management Services – a practical roadmap to Data-driven Enterprise.

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Every change process in its early stage is difficult and frustrating before it eventually leads to flourishing; many data programs failed due to lack of change management agenda.

C&F includes a change management program to each complex data project to ensure a full assimilation of the deliverables into business processes with minimum risk and resistance.

Change management program takes care about technology, process and people, aligns the tree for a successful delivery and assimilation.