Data-Driven Innovation A constant approach of action research, to quickly fold in new learnings on a confidential basis, in real time, is key to quickly discover what C&F call the Convergent Opportunity, test it experimentally and have integrated into the strategy in order to accelerate commercial traction and drive value innovation.

Data-Driven Innovation Solutions

Data Innovation Readiness

Business Assessment & Feasibility Study. Investigation of company data assets, digital processes and resources.

Data Factory Lab

The Center of Data and Value Innovation, the key enablement and empowerment of the Data-driven enterprise. This is where ideas are born, solidified, verified and put to execution or… retirement. Pure agility and digital execution.

Commercial Excellence Center

Sales Balanced Scorecard and Reporting solutions with full support for mobility. From sales reporting tools to intelligent commercial excellence dashboards with root-and-cause analysis as well as forecasting capabilities.

Change Master Academy

Change Management Services – a practical roadmap to Data-driven Enterprise.