How we helped Boehringer-Ingelheim stabilize their data ecosystem

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How we helped Boehringer-Ingelheim stabilize their data ecosystem
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The Challenge

In 2019 Boehringer-Ingelheim introduced significant novelties into their digital solutions portfolio. The new arrivals – MDM, CRM, ERP – had a significant impact on the company’s IT ecosystem. A new, integrated approach to data management and data quality assurance was necessary.

Problems to solve

  • Disruptions in business processes due to numerous between-system integrations
  • Disruptions in the transmission of precise sales data to the field sales force

The solution

Hands-on expertise to execute stabilization, harmonization and optimization of the recently transformed IT ecosystem

  • Launching an effective Data Governance Program
  • Managing and operationalizing of critical activities
  • Leading transformation from multiple data sources to a Single Source of Trusted Truth


A single stable, integrated and harmonized data source available to downstream systems

Significantly reduced reported data quality errors

Comprehensive monitoring solutions allow maintaining high ​data quality

Completed and verified documentation for newly created and updated processes

Extensive changes in IT ecosystems bring serious consequences - not always the ones we wish for. One area that is at risk of being disrupted is data. Sometimes it is worth pausing in the rush of implementations and integrations to recall the basics of proper data governance.

Tomasz Młodecki, C&F | Chief Data Officer