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Leading Animal Health Company Fine-Tunes Rebates Decisions to Boost Profits


Animal Health


United Kingdom

Company Profile

An animal health product manufacturer with net worth of millions of pounds offers hundreds of products to over 10 000 indirect customers through its distributors in a very competitive landscape. The company employs around 100 sales reps to manage over one thousand contracts annually.


Complex rebate calculation is based on sales data: upwards of 10k customers, over 2 mln Euro payments monthly and growing importance of buying groups of customers.

The major challenges faced by the company related to rebate process include:

  • Difficulty with delivering monthly rebate and payment calculation by mid of each month, due to lack of integrated system
  • Hard to execute and maintain frequent changes of commercial/pricing policy
  • No access to sales and rebate contract from any device (especially mobile) by sales reps
  • Multi-level, complex algorithm of rebate calculation, extremely difficult to manage using Excel and paper
  • Integration with dispersed sales data sources, a major cause of concern in managing the integrity and quality of data
  • Lack of instant access to pricing information by Customers and Sales Reps
  • Individual terms and conditions of rebates regarding buying groups
  • Outsourced resources proved too expensive and difficult to manage – there was a need to manage the process using company’s own resources

Key Benefits


Reduced Outsourced Resources Involved


Reduced Payment Delays


Improved Rebate Calculation Accuracy


Shortened Implementation Time of New Commercial Policies

Jarosław Paradowski | C&F, Project Manager

Our Solution

C-Power Rebate and Contract Lifecycle Management Solution.

Contract management functionality:

  • Field Force contract management tool specially created to maximize sales effectiveness
  • Configurable simulation logic for maximum versatility
  • Simulations of expected return on investment for customers
  • Easily adaptable to most commercial policy models (especially for VetPharma markets)
  • Quick integration between rebate application and any of ERP system (SAP, Oracle)
  • Dynamic management of approval workflow
  • Available on mobile devices and PC`s
  • Hosted, SaaS


  • Head count involved in rebate management process reduced by 50%

  • Payment delays reduced from 60/80 days to no more than 1 day

  • Quick adaptation to changing market conditions and customer behaviour

  • Automated integrated environments reduces calculations errors and improves customer satisfaction

  • Ongoing process optimization through monitoring

  • Intuitive, light UX and look-&-feel design reduce training and user adoption time

  • BYOD strategy (Bring Your Own Device) – availability on web, iPad, iPhone and Android devices

  • Cloud-enabled – reduces infrastructure costs

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