Data-Driven Innovation

Commercial Excellence Center

Sales Balanced Scorecard and Reporting solutions with full support for mobility. From sales reporting tools to intelligent commercial excellence dashboards with root-and-cause analysis as well as forecasting capabilities.

Visual, interactive exploration and graphical interpretation of data that allows your users uncover invisible insights in the data and –irrespective of their analytical experience – to closely monitor the key elements of the business as well as discover and anticipate emerging market trends.

The solution can be used on any mobile device, making information available at your fingertip – anywhere, anytime.

User-friendly and intuitive interface lets you monitor not only static KPIs, but enables you to understand the reasons behind the numbers and to share your findings, comments and ideas easily with managers, customers and the field.

The architecture allows seamless integration of new data sources, both structured and unstructured data, discover and understand additional insights and trends.