Data Monetization

DECP36 User30

B2C offering providing data management and monetization capabilities to the end users changing the rules of today’s data business – where the individuals have been permanently excluded from the data value chain. Introducing User 3.0.

In today’s world every person online is a data donor to global corporates. People’s private data is collected and monetized on a permanent basis, without a conscious consent and with no options to join a value chain. C&F introducing their DECP36 will change the rules of the game.

Inviting individual End Users to join the Data Ecosystem by providing their personal data (collected on their mobile phones) with a full control over data quantity and content, with maintaining full data ownership and the right to remove partial and complete data with a touch of a button.

Similarly to our B2B clients also the End Users (B2C) will be eligible to monetize their contributed personal data – for the first time ever.