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Leading European Pharma Company Implements Solution For Managing Events and Efficient EFPIA Reporting


Human Pharma


Europe And Asia

Company Profile

Our customer is an internationally expanding, research-based pharmaceutical company, part of an Italian pharmaceutical group. Potent innovative preparations, professional marketing and intensive cooperation with doctors and patients form the basis of the organization’s success.

Company is active on-site in more than 30 European and Asian countries and employs people from more than 70 nations, 17000 people globally, and over 500 people in Poland.


The Company participates in over 400 events annually, inviting over 20 000 doctors, pharmacists and other pharma-related executives.

The whole process of managing these events, inviting guests and later reporting the costs has been a major challenge for the company.  Without a proper system to support the process of event management and cost estimates, the company fell short on timely and accurate EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry and Association) reporting. EFPIA reports are an important part of keeping transparency of business in the Pharma sector.

The major challenges faced by the company include:

  • Isolated systems for managing events and related costs – dispersed in various applications
  • Lack of efficient tool for Managers for authorization of employee requests
  • Paper depended business model
  • Complexity in gathering information for EFPIA reporting

Key Benefits


Approval Time Reduction


User Adoption

150 new enhancements within first 3 months


Fewer Calls to Call Center

Jarosław Paradowski | C&F, Project Manager


End-to-end role-based solution for managing events/conferences, controlling cost estimates and EFPIA reporting, integrated with all the peripheral systems in company.

Functionality includes:

  • Real time reporting
  • Flexible document generation tools
  • Access to documents online
  • Event Management
  • Settlement of costs
  • Budget monitoring
  • Complex approvals
  • Contracts
  • Over 40 functional roles implemented
  • Multicurrency & Multilingual
  • Configurable Notifications and alerts
  • Configurable Workflows

Our solution is built on Outsystem platform

Project in brief

Development time of just 6 months.

3 developers assigned to the project.

Launched on 9th of Jan 2018


  • One single application to manage all the related processes

  • Real time EFPIA reporting – Data updated daily and not annually as previously

  • Access to documents online, anywhere. Documents generated electronically and not filled manually

  • Role-based systems enhanced data security

  • Data security in line with GDPR compliance

  • Approval time reduced from 1 week to 30 min

  • Online access to information for participants – easier and shorter registration process. 60% fewer calls to call center

  • New features easily added – over 150 new enhancements since going Live, within maintenance fee

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