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Pharma producer saved from operational disruptions and potential business discontinuity thanks to innovative data management approach and effective data quality assurance process


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Company Profile

Our client is a global healthcare company specializing in the development and commercialization of allergy immunotherapy (AIT) products and services. More than 1,200 employees operate from their offices in 20 countries with a commercial distribution network in 75 countries.


The introduction of a new IT system was intended to improve  production, specifically by  facilitating the supply and delivery processes. However, the months following the implementation of that IT system have been characterized by operational disruptions and incorrect product deliveries. Manufacturing processes have been affected, to the extent that products needed to be recalled due to mislabeling.

When C&F became involved, we diagnosed the following complications:

  • Poorly managed migration to SAP (an ERP system) triggered an exponential growth of  data that needed to be qualified
  • Faulty logic of the SKU (stock keeping unit) was introduced with SAP
  • High numbers of Finished Product SKUs were due to sub-optimal SAP architecture choices
  • Data cleansing was never fully completed
  • Project team had inadequate experience and technical knowledge to address the cleaning while using the ERP
  • The process of SKU generation / creation for SAP was poorly documented and was being built haphazardly while the system was live
  • There were no trusted reference points in data, only distributed business knowledge

Key Benefits

Re-starting production


Data validation faster on average by


Data error rate decreased by

New effective RACI matrix


Our solution focused on professional project organization, rigorous data quality assurance and innovative data management tools:

  • C&F formed on-site and off-site teams to effectively support validation processes and delegate all development work to a nearshore location to save costs
  • We redesigned data management and data cleansing processes. This involved building an effective RACI (the RACI matrix is a diagram which is used to describe the responsibilities of specific roles in relation to well-defined project tasks and deliverables) and assigning ownership
  • We sorted out the corrupted data problem by establishing two streams: one for manual data cleansing (quick fix) and the other – automated validation based on business rules (long-term solution)
  • To minimize operational interruption and maximize efficiency we adopted an iterative approach: both parties agree on and freeze scope before each iteration starts, with any scope changes being separate runs
  • We opted to use an innovative data management tool, Alteryx, to explore, analyze and group the data for faster validation. For the same reason we used business rules for groups of SKUs.
  • The solution now generates output validation reports with files that can automatically be loaded into the SAP (swift data integration)


  • Company was able to re-start production

  • Data validation time was shortened on average by 70% (the duration of some processes was reduced even by 98%, from 8 days to 90 seconds)

  • Data error rate decreased by 90% through elimination of validation process mistakes and by employing automated validation to a larger percentage of all data (ability to process bigger batches)

  • A repeatable and customizable process was established for further application

  • Data security in line with GDPR compliance

  • Approval time reduced from 1 week to 30 min

  • Online access to information for participants – easier and shorter registration process. 60% fewer calls to call center

  • New features easily added – over 150 new enhancements since going Live, within maintenance fee

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