Lite Sourcing

Near Shoring R&D Centers in Poland

High quality, cost effective and agile complex software systems development from architectural design to final usability tests.

Nearshore IT development moves IT projects from your own country to another that is less expensive while close geographically and culturally. Geographical proximity eliminates typical offshore issues of different time and cultural differences usually being encountered.

Polish IT specialists are considered some of the most competent in Europe, especially with regards to the new technologies. Poland is a member of the EU and the Schengen Area, both labor and information (production data) can be freely exchanged with other EU countries.

C&F has nearly 20 years of successful history in software development across global geographies. That includes being both an outsourcing center to worldwide corporations as well as IT solution provider to global clients.

C&F principles have been and continue to focus around the highest quality deliverables and products, accountability, transparency and compliance confirmed through numerous audits and returning customers.