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Company Profile

The Customer is a global leader in the HR services industry and specializes in solutions in the field of flexible work and HR services. With € 23.30 billion in revenue and 4,858 offices in 39 countries it has 37,930 avg. corporate employees and 668,800 people employed every day.


A leading HR services company, foreseeing challenging conditions on the market due to scarcity of candidates, decided to take decisive steps to improve its competitive edge on the market. One of the main aspects was to retain customers and improve satisfaction by enhancing the efficiency of the HR department and delivering self-service capabilities.  The company was facing the following challenges:

  • Too many employee requests to be handled by the HR department
  • Time consuming process of authorization of employee requests due to lack of efficient tool for Managers
  • Low employee satisfaction with HR support
  • Limited access to SAP HR for employees due to high cost of SAP licenses
  • No access in real time for employees to information related to their personal and administration data

Key Benefits


Fall in Number of Queries to HR


Reduction in Number of Paper-Form Documents in The Course of the Employment Process


Shorter Time of Preparing Pay Slips and PIT


Shorter Time Spent to Hire a New Employee

Manoj Nair | C&F | Director, Enterprise Applications


The solution is developed on the OutSystems platform – the leading LOW CODE platform for FAST delivery of enterprise web and mobile solutions.

  • Employee self-service portal integrated with SAP HR

  • Enterprise absence management

  • Pre-employee introduction – pre-onboarding support

  • e-Documents: internal HR requests and applications

  • e-Portfolio – electronic personal data archive, e-Payslips

  • Employee time registration


  • ROI within 24 months

  • 100% user adoption

  • 6% increase in efficiency in first month

  • More informed strategic business decisions

  • Major fall in number of queries to HR (45%) due to employee self-service portal

  • Leave approval time decreased from weeks to days and hours

  • Mobile access improved the productivity of the employees

  • Access to some of the required KPI also via mobile devices

  • The quality of HR services and employee satisfaction improved significantly

Savings of time and documents in figures:


Quantity of paper-form documents in the course of the employment process.


30 items


5 items

Time spent to hire a new employee

20 minutes

5 minutes

Changes to the terms of employment

60 minutes

5 minutes

Pay Slips, PIT

24 hours

1 hour

Personal Data Changes

10 minutes

2 minutes

Uploading Holiday Leaves

4 hours

10 minutes

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