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It is high time to start making data-driven decisions

The current pandemic should become an impulse to prepare for future times of unpredictability. It could be an opportunity if companies consciously work with data and build a solid foundation for decision making. But it could also be a threat if data management is based on solutions that are poorly adjusted to the business model.

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C&F statement on COVID-19

As the coronavirus outbreak situation is developing across the Europe it is important we provide clients of our services and products an accurate and timely information on the status and mitigations steps C&F undertakes to avoid or limit the impact of the outbreak to our business.

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Business Continuity in Times of the Plague

These will naturally be different for different industries, and in their specifics also for different companies within one industry, but there is a common denominator they all share. Faced with an epidemic, any company may need to contend with (among others) the following scenarios:

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