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We are a team of passionate people working around the globe. We combine business and process insights with technical expertise to develop state-of-the-art IT solutions.


More than two decades of experience in cooperating with world’s largest companies


Skills honed on IT deployments in more than 60 countries all over the globe


Highly skilled and qualified professionals


Non-stop support for users, whenever required

Warsaw Headquarters

C&F S.A.
ul. Domaniewska 50
02-672 Warsaw

Tel.: +48 22 323 73 60
E-mail: info@candf.com

Heidelberg, GERMANY

Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 64,
69117 Heidelberg

Tel.: +49 6221 599 465-0
Email: info@candf.com

Denver, USA

411 N Lincoln Ave
Loveland, CO 80537

US Phone: +1 650 600 1459
E-mail: info@candf.com

World`s Best Trust Us

For more than 20 years now C&F has been providing solutions for the largest international organizations, including those listed in Fortune 500.

We Are Data-Driven Innovators

We Deliver

We Deliver

C&F has a 20+ year proven track record of successfully delivering large scale IT strategy and business transformation programs for some of the largest international Fortune 500 organizations. The fundaments of this successful performance are our proprietary methodologies and the quality of our people.

We Are Agile

We Are Agile

Part of C&F’s DNA is our agile philosophy, which goes beyond just project methodologies. This agility helps create dynamic and goal oriented teams that successfully deliver real business value for our clients.

We Are Equipped

We Are Equipped

Our proprietary methodologies and industry data models give us a competitive advantage over other consulting companies, and provides our clients with the added confidence of all potential risks being fully mitigated while successfully delivering their projects.

Discover C&F

We have always been strong believers in data-driven enterprises where big data analytics create a gene of innovation that allows companies to build and maintain their competitive advantage. We have been involved in defining data-driven market, client, and product strategies to open new revenue streams for our worldwide customers.

Piotr Rudnicki Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Cross-industry data convergence, digital innovation labs and data ecosystems are at the core of C&F philosophy to help global organizations design the future and fully benefit from leaderships in their respective Blue Oceans.

Tomasz Bogusławski Chief Operating Officer, Member of the Management Board

Management Board

Tomasz Młodecki Global CEO, President of the Management Board

Oversees the executive team, company developments and public image.

Tomasz Bogusławski Chief Operating Officer, Member of the Management Board

Develops strategies and sustains growth.

Justyna Giezek Chief Financial Officer, Member of the Management Board

Oversees the financial affairs including managing cash flow, reporting and compliance. In charge of HR and Administration.

Piotr Pielasa Chief Solutions Officer, Vice President of the Management Board

Designs C&F’s services and products to resolve customer challenges, meet market needs, and seize emerging business opportunities. Responsible for the C&F Life Science business line.

Jan Anisimowicz Chief Portfolio Officer, Member of the Management Board

Leads the commercialization of solutions developed by C&F and their incorporation into the proprietary portfolio offering. Responsible for C&F’s Risk & Compliance business line.

Wojciech Winnicki Chief Technology Officer, Member of the Management Board

Creates C&F’s technology-related strategy that contributes to the success of C&F clients. Responsible for overseeing the company's technology resources.

Matthew Sowa Chief Business Development Officer, Member of the Management Board

Builds lasting partnerships, expands strategic initiatives in the U.S. and contributes to global expansion.


  • Unlock the commercial value of data, and provide our clients with the power to innovate and become data-driven enterprises.
  • Predict and influence the future.


  • Become a partner of choice for our clients to achieve and maintain their competitive advantage and ultimately become a leading future-ready organization

Supervisory Board

Piotr Rudnicki Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Founder and CEO of C&F from its incorporation until March 2018. Piotr brings 20 years of experience in delivering IT solutions for Fortune 500 companies, the vast majority within the Life Science industry. Under his leadership, C&F transformed from a niche CRM vendor into a global supplier of specialized Big Data services, Advanced Analytics, governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC). One of Piotr’s key strengths is his ability to build and sustain expert teams that attract top professionals in the marketplace.

Izabela Rudnicka Member of the Supervisory Board

Having previously served as the CEO of AdaptiveGRC, one of C&F's portfolio companies, Izabela brings 10+ years of managerial experience in Life Science, including as Head of Logistics and Director of Customer Service Departments at global Pharma concerns.Ms. Rudnicka’s experience and in-depth knowledge spans over pharmaceutical operational and financial processes.

As the owners we are attentive to the direction of C&F and continually contribute to our company’s development while striving to preserve C&F as a place where the cooperation of our teams results in uninterrupted innovation. Our mandate as Members of the Supervisory Board is to constantly improve our corporate policies as well as ensure that the highest ethical standards are always firmly in place. From the very beginning we have been truly committed to making C&F a home for satisfied and creative employees – so they can continue making a difference – to the benefit of our Clients.

Izabela Rudnicka & Piotr Rudnicki

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