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What is Data Integration? 

Data is the lifeblood of the modern enterprise, but its value remains locked behind the walls of fragmented systems and departments. The solution? Data integration. This strategic approach seamlessly unifies data from disparate sources to provide a single, accessible view ready for analysis. Dive into our in-depth article to explore the nature of data integration, its importance, and the many benefits it brings. Learn about common methods, tools, and best practices that will enable your organization to use data as a catalyst for success.

Michał Osuch Nov 16, 2023

Navigating the path to effective data collection and selection 

In this critical examination of effective data collection and selection, Jakub Ruta examines the often-overlooked first phase of the data journey that can be the difference between a company’s strategic advantage and its downfall. With the startling revelation that two-thirds of data generated by organizations goes unused, this article is a deep look at the methodologies and best practices that can turn this dormant potential into actionable insights.

Jakub Ruta Nov 07, 2023

Four steps of the data journey – from data to insights 

In a data-rich business world, organizations must skillfully navigate from collecting vast amounts of data to extracting valuable insights. This journey can be divided into four key steps: collecting the right data aligned with business objectives, processing and cleansing the data to ensure its quality, analyzing the data to uncover patterns and relationships, and finally visualizing these insights in an accessible and compelling manner. Effective data governance and DataOps practices are critical in all of these stages to improve the reliability and usability of data.

Jakub Ruta Nov 02, 2023

8 hidden value-adds in Pricing, Loyalty, and Rebate Management Software Solutions

Effective service integrates self-awareness and customer understanding. Software like Pricing, Loyalty, and Rebate Management transforms data into actionable insights for profitable choices. In competitive markets, prioritizing quality, loyalty, and pricing preserves market share and revenue. Purpose-built software boosts ROI, brand visibility, and loyalty programs while cutting costs via personalized offerings, rewards, and strategic pricing. This approach, combined with hidden value-added factors, drives business success.

Jarosław Paradowski Aug 17, 2023

How to get your DevOps transformation right with VSM and OKRs

The key to a successful DevOps transformation lies in the merging of three crucial ideas: DevOps, Value Stream Mapping (VSM), and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). DevOps fosters collaboration and eliminates traditional obstacles, VSM enhances process visibility and optimization, while OKRs offer strategic alignment with overall business objectives. This combination creates a strong framework for achieving and evaluating DevOps success – a harmonious blend of effective practices and clear direction.

Konrad Madej Aug 08, 2023

Beyond Excel: Leveraging Modern Rebate Management Solutions

Despite the potential risks involved in relying on spreadsheets for managing substantial rebate transactions, their convenience, familiarity, and ability to handle intricate rebate structures have made them a go-to tool for many businesses. To mitigate risks and ensure effective rebate management, companies should consider adopting solutions that offer much more than Excel: automation, scalability, collaboration capabilities, data security, real-time insights, and comprehensive reporting.

Jarosław Paradowski Aug 02, 2023

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Client Success Stories

How during the pandemic we optimized vaccine production and delivery process?

The Challenge During the pandemic, our client, a global pharmaceutical leader, needed to optimise its COVID-19 vaccine production and delivery processes. Our client had to rapidly implement business applications in order to increase production efficiency. This was an urgent, large-scale, mission critical operation.  Production could not be interrupted, but at the same time, we had to ensure the software was totally reliable — this meant performing […]

How we boosted a COVID-19 vaccine production by digitally enhancing manufacturing operations

The Challenge In response to an unprecedented global pandemic, our client – one of the pharma industry leaders – set out to develop, test, mass produce and organize the global distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine.The company was already implementing a strategic project to digitize its manufacturing processes. In cooperation with C&F, our customer had already achieved measurable successes in implementing the Digital Operations Center […]

How to manage national resources to fight COVID-19 in the cloud?

The Challenge Management of the resources necessary for the treatment and care of people suffering from COVID-19 is critical to the effectiveness of national policies to combat the epidemic.The first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany showed that limited access to resources (e.g. oxygen, ventilators), local “bottlenecks” in hospitals and no central information support systems for the operational management could be one of […]

Can proper data management help restart a shutdown pharma production plant?

The Challenge Stallergenes implemented a new ERP to improve production and facilitate the supply and delivery processes. With the implementation of the new system, technical problems arose, resulting in the company being forced to shut down its production plant and recall already-released products due to labelling problems. Problems to solve The solution Introducing rigorous quality assurance and management tools into data […]

How to restore effective sales in animal pharma ensuring high quality and reliability of data

The Challenge Sales in pharma and animal health companies are a complex process. This is due to both the large scale of their activities (in terms of the product portfolio) and the market structure (wholesalers, retailers, distributors, as well as the global range of their activities). Transaction processing, integration and data management have become an essential element of handling the sale […]

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Webinar on Key Service Provider Management and DORA Compliance

Posted on

On 25 October at 12:00 our webinar on DORA took place in cooperation with EY. The webinar, held entirely in Polish, featured contributions from esteemed industry experts, including representatives from EY and the AdaptiveGRC team at C&F. The event focused on the critical issues of optimizing key service provider management processes and ensuring compliance with […]

C&F is a Silver Partner for the 16th Annual International Auditor 2023 Conference!

Posted on

We are pleased to announce that C&F has been designated as a Silver Partner for the 16th Annual Internal Auditor Conference, which will be held from October 3-5, 2023 in Dubai, UAE. International Auditor 2023 is a major event for industry professionals, providing a unique opportunity to explore and discuss the evolution of the International […]

C&F climbs the ranks in a challenging market year

Posted on

Despite the challenges facing the IT and ICT sector in 2022, with a commendable industry growth of 13% and a record inflation of 14.4%, C&F has stood out and shown impressive performance. We are pleased to announce our placement in the prestigious “Computerworld TOP200 Polski Rynek Teleinformatyczny” report, where C&F secured the 110th position among […]

C&F’s Outstanding Performance in ITwiz BEST 100 ranking for 2022

Posted on

The ITwiz BEST100 Report 2023 edition is a ranking of manufacturers and providers of IT solutions and services present on the Polish market, according to sales results in 2022. C&F was ranked in TOP 5 of 3 categories for the year 2022 in the ITwiz Best 100 ranking list! We demonstrate our commitment to innovation […]

We are proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the 2023 Animal Health Summit

Posted on

The 2023 Animal Health Summit will take place in Kansas City on August 28-29, 2023. The summit will include 1:1 business partnering opportunities, presentations by emerging companies, panel discussions, speakers, and the ultimate networking reception. Learn more about the Summit. About the Corridor The Kansas City Animal Health Corridor released evidence of the global impact […]