Supervisory Board “As the owners we are attentive to the direction of the Group and persistently contribute to a company's superior performance – to preserve the C&F being a place where cooperation of our teams results in uninterrupted innovation. Our mandate as Members of the Supervisory Board is to constantly improve our corporate policies as well as ensure that the highest ethical standards are always fully reflected. From the very beginning we have been truly committed to having C&F a home for satisfied and creative employees - so they can continue making a difference - to the benefit of our Clients”

- Izabela Rudnicka & Piotr Rudnicki

Supervisory Board


Piotr Rudnicki

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Founder and the CEO of the C&F Group from its incorporation until March 2018. Piotr brings 20 years of experience in delivering IT solutions for the Fortune 500 companies, the vast majority from within Life Science. Under his leadership the C&F Group transformed from a niche CRM vendor into a global supplier of specialized Big Data services and Advanced Analytics. One of the Piotr’s key strengths is his ability to build and sustain expert teams that attract the top professionals in the marketplace. Rudnicki, with his experience as an IT specialist and former officer of the Armed Forces, was instrumental in creating the initial C&F competencies in corporate governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC).


Izabela Rudnicka

Member of the Supervisory Board

Previously, she served as the CEO of AdaptiveGRC, one of the C&F Group portfolio companies. Izabela brings 10+ years of managerial experience in Life Science, e.g. as Head of Logistics and Director of Customer Service Departments at the global Pharma Concerns. Rudnicka’s experience and in-depth knowledge spans over pharmaceutical operational and financial processes.