How to restore effective sales in animal pharma ensuring high quality and reliability of data

The Challenge

Sales in pharma and animal health companies are a complex process. This is due to both the large scale of their activities (in terms of the product portfolio) and the market structure (wholesalers, retailers, distributors, as well as the global range of their activities). Transaction processing, integration and data management have become an essential element of handling the sale process in pharma.

Problem to solve

  • Dispersed and fragmented data from multiple providers being a challenge for the quality of data and their reliability and thus – for efficient sales management

The solution

Service & system stack solutions for all aspects of customer and sales transactions processing

  • Remediation of current data processing and integration gaps
  • Automation of customer and product maintenance with existing systems
  • Data quality gatekeeping
  • Sales integration, error correction and output data pre-processing for downstream systems


All data from different sources
covered and integrated

Quickly achieved
and permanently maintained
high quality of data

Administrative costs

Using Excel spreadsheets as the basis of companies’ rebate policies, loyalty programs and sales monitoring may be OK on a small scale. With large-scale operations and dispersed sales data sources, the integrity and quality of data may cause serious concerns and can jeopardize the revenue. Without full control over the flow of money and settlements with contractors, companies cannot assess the amount of revenue lost... until the next audit.
Michał Osuch, C&F | Data Management Lead

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