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Ability to transform data into information: innovative programs for Life Science companies to bring data strategies to their research and development divisions, manufacturing, supply chain, sales and marketing, regulatory compliance and finance. Support for connecting physicians and patients as well as shift to value-based pricing for pharmaceutical products.

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Data Diagnostics

Business Assessment & Feasibility Study. Enables evaluation of data assets and provides the business readiness scoring. Involves industry experience and methodologies from C&F work done with global Life Science companies.

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A complex assessment study to understand data and design strategies to optimize data usage for operational and commercial excellence

A comprehensive feasibility study taking into account all business, technical and legal aspects of data operations as well as available resources including human capital, processes and technologies

Deliverables include multidimensional functional analysis and recommendations, gap analysis, data and analytical roadmap including change management program and profitability draft examination of key roadmap components

Additionally Data Diagnostics can explore data monetization options within and/or outside of Life Science business functions

Data Science Lab

The Center of Life Science Innovation – enablement and empowerment of the Data-driven enterprise. This is where ideas are born, solidified, verified and put to execution or… retirement. Pure agility and digital execution. Significant acceleration thanks to Industry specific data models.

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A complete data and analytical environment designed to unlock the commercial value of data and return results directly to business. Based on C&F 4A proprietary methodology

Data innovation lab to allow fast and agile testing of work hypotheses. The core concept assumes exploring data to produce and verify business strategies (products, bundling, pricing, messaging, channels, targeting, go-to-market, etc) in the fastest possible manner

The philosophy presumes running many short and inexpensive cycles consist of supposition, testing and validation in order to practically verify business hypotheses: kill erroneous or inappropriate – strengthen inaccurate to make them work – promote valid business ideas: in the fastest possible way, with the use of data driven analytics and forecasting, at the lowest cost.

Commercial Accelerator

Sales Balanced Scorecard. Human Pharma and Animal Health sales organization can benefit from the industry KPI dashboard enabling root-and-cause analysis and predictive analytics. Sales reporting turned into sophisticated commercial excellence center.

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No more waiting for a report that delivers only static and historical information. We propose interactive and intuitive visual analytics tools with the built-in ability for real-time reporting.

Our 19+ years of experience in analytics resulted in a blueprint of balanced scorecards that boost your performance measurements and show not only  static KPIs, but enable you to understand  the reasons behind these numbers (a complete robust cause-effect analysis and startegy map)

User-friendly and intuitive interface allows you to explore and find the right answers immediately and automatically share your findings throughout your organization

The solution is fully mobile-ready and allows the users – irrespectively of their analytical skills – to closely monitor the key elements of business operations and discover as well as forecast the market trends

Change Master Academy

Change Management Services to facilitate the change acceptance and adoption to create a successful roadmap to data-driven enterprise.

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Every change process in its early stage is difficult and frustrating before it eventually leads to flourishing; many data programs failed due to lack of change management agenda

C&F includes a change management program to each complex data project to ensure a full assimilation of the deliverables into business processes with minimum risk and resistance

Change management program takes care about technology, process and people, aligns the tree for a successful delivery and assimilation