Can proper data management help restart a shutdown pharma production plant?

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Can proper data management help restart a shutdown pharma production plant?
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The Challenge

Stallergenes implemented a new ERP to improve production and facilitate the supply and delivery processes. With the implementation of the new system, technical problems arose, resulting in the company being forced to shut down its production plant and recall already-released products due to labelling problems.

Problems to solve

  • Exponential growth of  data thathad  to be qualified due to improperly performed migration to the SAP
  • Faulty logic of the SKU (stock keeping unit) introduced with the SAP
  • Data cleansing was never fully completed
  • Improperly documented SKU generation for the SAP while the system was live
  • No trusted reference points in data (only distributed business knowledge)

The solution

Introducing rigorous quality assurance and management tools into data integration:

  • off-site teams to effectively support validation processes and delegate all development work to a nearshore location to save costs
  • data management and data cleansing processes redesign: building an effective RACI and assigning ownership
  • establishing two data cleansing streams: one for manual data cleansing (quick fix) and the other – automated validation based on business rules (long-term solution)
  • implementation of the Alteryx tool to explore, analyze and group data for faster validation
  • implementation of output validation reports that can automatically be loaded into the SAP (swift data integration)


Disrupted production restored

There are no shortcuts in data management and sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward. Sometimes a reset is necessary, and it is a rigorous approach to data validation and cleansing that allows organizations to move forward, especially when they are in the process of change.

Leszek Rabiega | Former Chief Executive Officer