Improving Data Management Usability and Productivity

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Improving Data Management Usability and Productivity
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The Challenge

In the dynamic animal health industry, our client, a market leader, was facing significant hurdles. Legacy technologies, coupled with sub-optimal usability and a lack of user-centric design, created an urgent need for a complete overhaul of their critical business reports.

Problems to solve

  • Legacy technology and information architecture that created inefficient workflows.
  • Lengthy load times and lack of customization for different user groups.
  • Data source optimization was not up to par, hindering mobile and desktop data processing.

The solution

To initiate a comprehensive solution, we first identified key user group representatives and conducted shadowing sessions to understand their interactions with the current systems. This informed a detailed report recommending usability, functional and structural improvements.

Our agile approach led to the creation of a new report design, emphasizing iterative development and user-centric data organization.

Usability sessions were integrated from the beginning, steering the design process away from potential missteps.

The final design was embodied in optimized Tableau reports that are accessible and responsive on both desktop and mobile platforms.


Our strategic redesign resulted in significant improvements:

Reports were fine-tuned to accommodate the specific data hierarchies of different user groups.

Multi-device flexibility was achieved, allowing for a more versatile data analysis experience.

A modern technology foundation was established, streamlining the user's path to actionable insights.

This case highlights how we refine data management processes, improving usability, and increasing productivity to meet the demands of today's fast-paced industries.