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Start saving money and resources by streamlining your rebate processes with PriceWise.|Use contract management solution for streamlined operations and reduced errors.|Maximize profits and customer loyalty with PriceWise by C&F superior rebate management.
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    What`s Unique About PriceWise

    Streamline all steps of your rebate process management for all the people involved. Reduce calculation errors and time spent keeping the process running. Enhance communication with customers and customer loyalty.

    PriceWise is an end-to-end solution for Managing Pricing and Rebate Programs covering each processes: client recruitment, contract management, contract tracking, and finally assistance in automatic customer payouts.


    Provide your customers with simulations of rebate program participation benefits and tailored contract proposals.


    Easily accept, sign, track, access, and store your contracts in one tool.


    Help your customers maximize their benefits through real-time communication and result tracking. 


    Streamline program management with quick rebate approval, report creation, and timely rebate payments.


    Get valuable insights based on customer performance, rankings, trends, and geography to make informed business decisions.

    Plan and execute your rebates and pricing policy effectively!

    Build self-service agile solution for your sales force and managers.
    PriceWise addresses challenges faced by every stakeholders in the process.

    More About PriceWise

    PriceWise was created by C&F – a team of passionate people working around the globe who combine business and process insights with technical expertise to develop state-of-the-art IT solutions. We support the largest global companies from the pharmaceutical industry and the regulated sector, which are on the Fortune500 list. The headquarters of our company is located in Warsaw. C&F has its offices in Denver (USA) and Heidelberg (Germany).

    PriceWise helps your company achieve top-line loyalty goals in a cost effective manner. Create Rebate Programs You Need, without any IT involvement!

    Enhance Program Effectiveness

    Easily identify which customers, regions and sales reps are best meeting the performance goals

    Increase Partner Loyalty

    Ensure goals are clearly communicated, accurately measured and quickly paid out to partners

    Reduce Back-office Workload for Sales Personnel

    Automate multiple steps of the process as your volume increases

    Boost sales and reduce costs

    Maximize your cost-efficiency and profitability through advanced analytics of your data.

    Adapt Faster and Be Competitive

    Create new calculation rules without IT involvement and system change.

    Reduce Revenue Leakage

    Reduce errors and disputes with rebates by automatizing calculation and tracking performance to agreed-upon goal.

    Easily adapt to various markets and business models

    Direct and indirect market channels

    Instantly access AH industry business insights

    Use our data analytics solution tailored for the Animal Health industry to improve operational efficiency and drive business growth.

    World`s Best Trust Us

    For more than 20 years now C&F has been providing solutions for the largest international organizations, including those listed in Fortune 500.