Automated Testing

In a Nutshell

Manual based QA can be a burden on the software development process. It can be costly and prone to inaccuracies. The answer is automated testing — the foundation of efficient QA and core to CI/CD and DevOps.

Test Automation provides business benefits that include:

Reduced costs for the entire software development process thanks to quick bug-discovery-and-fix cycles
Higher software quality because more bugs are discovered at early stages
Faster shipping, faster user feedback and faster feature improvements as a result of faster testing

We specialize in designing and running automated tests in these categories:

Code perspective tests:

  • API contract tests
  • API functionality tests
  • Load and performance tests

User perspective tests:

  • UI acceptance tests


  • Agile testing processes and test automation strategy

Expect From Us



We evaluate the current state of testing for companies that need to improve process efficiency. Based on our assessment and clients' goals, we propose, develop and deliver optimal test automation and continuous delivery processes

API tests

API tests

Automatic API tests offer the highest return on investment (ROI) of all automatic tests. Solid API testing saves significant time (even with manual UI testing).

End-to-end user interface tests

End-to-end user interface tests

Our tests ensure your systems meet business needs, expressed as acceptance criteria. We specialize in regulated environments and use tools and processes to ensure a ready traceability matrix (e.g. for GxP compatibility).

Performance tests

Performance tests

Positive user experience is key for web applications and the main criteria for that is overall performance. Performance, in turn, depends on many distinct factors which we test comprehensively.

Our Team

Transformation requires team cooperation and readiness for change. With our 420+ highly qualified engineers we can help any enterprise transform into the most digitally advanced organization.

Marcin Ludzia Test Automation Lead

My relationship with C&F began over 10 years ago, when I took up the area of quality & compliance and business analysis here. Currently, working as a Software Engineering Manager, I participate in building and implementing IT and digital transformation strategies for our clients.

Education: SGH Warsaw School of Economics, PhD, Business Informatics. Warsaw University of Technology, MSc. In Information Technology.

Client Success Stories

How during the pandemic we optimized vaccine production and delivery process?

The Challenge During the pandemic, our client, a global pharmaceutical leader, needed to optimise its COVID-19 vaccine production and delivery processes. Our client had to rapidly implement business applications in order to increase production efficiency. This was an urgent, large-scale, mission critical operation.  Production could not be interrupted, but at the same time, we had to ensure the software was totally reliable — this meant performing […]

How we boosted a COVID-19 vaccine production by digitally enhancing manufacturing operations

The Challenge In response to an unprecedented global pandemic, our client – one of the pharma industry leaders – set out to develop, test, mass produce and organize the global distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine.The company was already implementing a strategic project to digitize its manufacturing processes. In cooperation with C&F, our customer had already achieved measurable successes in implementing the Digital Operations Center […]

How to manage national resources to fight COVID-19 in the cloud?

The Challenge Management of the resources necessary for the treatment and care of people suffering from COVID-19 is critical to the effectiveness of national policies to combat the epidemic.The first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany showed that limited access to resources (e.g. oxygen, ventilators), local “bottlenecks” in hospitals and no central information support systems for the operational management could be one of […]

How we made the slow and inaccurate CEESA reporting in an animal pharma company much faster and much more accurate

The Challenge The national and global sales performance of animal health product classes is consolidated through the CEESA (an international non-profit organization) International Sales Survey (CISS). CEESA members track and review their national and global sales performance in animal health product classes and species against all other participating companies using accurate sales information reported on a consistent basis […]

How we helped Boehringer-Ingelheim stabilize their data ecosystem

The Challenge In 2019 Boehringer-Ingelheim introduced significant novelties into their digital solutions portfolio. The new arrivals – MDM, CRM, ERP – had a significant impact on the company’s IT ecosystem. A new, integrated approach to data management and data quality assurance was necessary. Problems to solve The solution Hands-on expertise to execute stabilization, harmonization and optimization of the recently transformed IT ecosystem

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Many manual testers would like to start their journey with developing automated tests, however, without a good learning path and some technical background, the road seems to be a bit bumpy. What skills should you develop to become a professional test automation engineer?

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