CRM (Veeva) Data: Extracting usable information

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CRM (Veeva) Data: Extracting usable information
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As a trusted IT vendor, we have been working for the life science industry for 20 years. The experience we’ve gathered over these years with top Animal Health companies has enabled us to identify challenges and create solutions which address complex use cases which go far beyond standard, out-of-the-box functionalities of existing systems while leveraging their full potential.

What we did:

Case 1: Veeva Vault Connector

We discussed a use case with one of our customers to address the need for incident monitoring and optimizing decision-making based on data analysis coming directly from Veeva. The challenge was that we needed to extract only certain groups of information from a very large set of data stored in Veeva Vault.

Our goal was to pull needed data out from Veeva Vault and inject it into a web front-end for further analysis and decision. To do that, C&F has created a custom connector using Kafka Connect to fetch desired data from Veeva instantly. One of the challenges our engineers needed to overcome was to optimize the request process to comply with Veeva’s API limitations and at the same time, fetch large batches of data without impacting Veeva’s performance.

Case 2: In context data pulled from Veeva using Hyperintelligence

One of the key factors in data adoption and usability is serving it on a timely basis and in proper context. This refers to sales reps in particular. In order to improve their performance, relevance, and meeting preparation, C&F has leveraged Veeva customer data, last actions, buying potential, etc., and injected it into Hyperintelligence cards – a patented technology powered by Microstrategy.

Hyperintelligent cards are injected with precise customer data, action history, sales data, and patterns. They are served contextually within MS Outlook or a web front while the sales representative is planning a visit. Hyperintelligence automatically scans emails, the web, or for example visits plan and customer list for any keywords from the vocabulary and serves in context data for identified keywords in a concise, usable form of pop-up cards with predefined layout and data to streamline the visit preparation process.

Such an approach provides the best possible usability of data by securing contextual information whenever the user needs it. Precise data is served for a precise purpose and time is saved without the need to browse through data-heavy dashboards and systems. It also automatically identifies keywords in third-party systems (such as an email inbox) to supplement them with available data pulled from different systems, so the user gets an enriched view of his emails.

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