How we made risk assessment in Santander Bank user friendly and effective again

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How we made risk assessment in Santander Bank user friendly and effective again
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The Challenge

Operating under restrictions from the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority (PFSA), Santander is subject to the BION assessment to identify the scale and types of risk the bank is faced with and evaluate the quality of risk management, and the size of the capital set aside to cover risks related to the bank’s activities. The BION assessment consists of self-assessment forms sent in by the PFSA, and it comprises 13 Excel spreadsheets containing a total of 600 questions.

Problems to solve

  • Process of providing reliable answers for BION forms required the involvement of several personnel members.
  • Difficult to monitor work progress, leading to work accumulation until last minute.

The solution

Implementation of the user-friendly  AdaptiveBION tool  to support the self-assessment process

  • Automating and accelerating the process of completing BION forms
  • Facilitating the monitoring and coordination of work
  • Enhancing the process of assigning responsibility for particular areas to appropriate personnel
  • Ensuring easy access at all times to all current and past forms


of the personnel declared they wished to continue using the app during subsequent BION assessments.

The application and the workflow that come with AdaptiveBION systematized and significantly facilitated the complex self-assessment process and the preparation of the ample data required by the PFSA. With the size of our bank, this cut the time spent on the BION process by 20%, when more than 120 mid- and high-level management are involved in it. The management of internal audit and compliance teams gave top marks to the effectiveness of the self-assessment process as well as the quality of information compiled for the PFSA. What is also worth praising is the style and quality of cooperation with the Supplier during implementation, parametrization and user training. While the bank was performing self-assessment, we could always count on professional assistance from C&F.

Piotr Mucha | Santander Bank | Director of Legal and Compliance Division