Improving the workflow of Randstadt’s HR with an employee self-service solution

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Improving the workflow of Randstadt’s HR with an employee self-service solution
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The Challenge

Randstad is an HR industry leader providing solutions for flexible work and HR services. To improve the competitive edge on the market, the company was focused on retaining customers and improving their satisfaction by enhancing the efficiency of the HR department and delivering self-service capabilities.  

Problems to solve

  • Too many employee requests to be handled by the HR department
  • Time-consuming process of authorization of employee requests 
  • Low employee satisfaction with HR support
  • Limited access to SAP HR for employees due to high cost of SAP licenses
  • No real-time access for employees to their personal and administration data

The solution

Fast (low-code) delivery of an employee self-service portal to empower employees and unclog workflow bottlenecks. Available on desktop & mobile, fully integrated with the SAP.

  • Employee self-service portal integrated with the HR SAP
  • Enterprise absence management
  • Pre-employee introduction – pre-onboarding support
  • e-Documents: internal HR requests and applications
  • e-Portfolio – an electronic personal data archive, e-Payslips
  • Employee time registration


Fewer HR queries

Reduction of paper-form documents in the employment process

Shorter preparation time for pay slips and PIT documentation

There are many dedicated applications which meet the requirements of HR departments, but very few which integrate HR with all other departments to automate various business workflows. The employee self-service portal was built from scratch with a mission to empower the client's personnel. Apart from offering employees a faster, more immediate way to access their personal and business information, this self-service portal is also a fantastic way to boost the company's relationship with employees, their relationship with one another, and an outreach to new hires.

Manoj Nair | C&F | Head of Digital Transformation