Replacing Excel sheets with AdaptiveGRC modules to improve internal audit

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Replacing Excel sheets with AdaptiveGRC modules to improve internal audit
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The Challenge

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK) is a state-owned national development bank, serving to support Poland’s social and economic growth as well as to aid the public sector in achieving its goals. BGK’s Internal Audit Department needed a more integrated way to manage audit and recommendation processes, hitherto performed in Excel spreadsheets.

Problems to solve

  • Audit reports created manually 
  • Significant dispersion of audit recommendation implementation processes  
  • Necessity of team-editing the same spreadsheet with no alternatives
  • Communication and update of implementation stages supervised by email

The solution

Internal Audit and Recommendation Management module of AdaptiveGRC 

  • Logging information about each internal audit
  • Adding findings and recommendations to audits
  • Managing the implementation of each recommendation per a pre-defined workflow
  • Closing reporting periods – status reports for recommendation implementations as of reporting period closing date
  • Recommendation implementation status reporting – reports of current statuses and statuses in selected reporting periods


Quick and easy access to current and historical audit information

Real-time monitoring of current stages of the implementation process

Automated notifications about status changes, delays, and upcoming deadlines

Once the audit and recommendation processes are handled through AdaptiveGRC modules, the previous spreadsheet-and-email strategy turns out to be enormously time-consuming and with a high risk of oversights. What are the direct results of using AdaptiveGRC? Improved flow of information, managing audit recommendations, and enforcing their implementation clearly synchronized on a multi-level structure. All current and historical data in one place with many industry insights indicating what can be done differently or better.

Jan Anisimowicz | C&F | Chief Commercial Officer