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How to Tune Data Analytics Solutions for a Competitive Advantage?|How can you reduce the analytical load on the brain by up to 3 times?|How can you make your analysis 5 times faster?|Did you know that effective information architecture can reduce search time by 50%?
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    How can you improve Data Experience in your company?

    Analytical Applications

    Gain insights and make informed decisions with our comprehensively designed analytical applications.

    Enterprise Reporting Factory

    Embrace our tailor-made analytics experience approach for fast, thorough data analysis, comprehensive reporting, and timely decision-making.

    Unique Dashboard Development Approach

    Gain the information intuitively thank to dashboard development that aligns with your business users' context, behavior, and needs.

    Business analysis and research

    Get deep insights, optimize strategies, and enhance competitiveness with our comprehensive business analysis and research services.

    Business Intelligence

    Use well-designed analytical solutions to improve your business intelligence. This will help you improve data analysis performance and the quality of your findings.

    User adoption strategy

    With our user adoption strategies, you will be able to successfully implement new tools and technologies. Maximize the benefits of data-driven solutions in your organization. Engage and empower your employees.

    Data Experience Approach & Top 10 checkpoints

    To help you implement the Data Experience Approach, we have identified the top 10 checkpoints that serve as key principles and considerations. These checkpoints provide a roadmap for your data experience improvement to make it more intuitive and efficient.



    What did we discover?

    “The key to overcoming the common challenge of ignored design in employee data interactions and report interpretation is to prioritize intuitive and user-friendly data experiences. By bridging the gap between data insights and actionable decisions, we empower every team member to make informed choices and foster a data-literate culture within organizations embracing a democratic data approach.”

    Maciej Kłodaś
    Head of Analytics Experience

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    In the era of self-service business intelligence, individuals can create analytical reports that significantly impact insights, decisions, employee satisfaction, and proactiveness. Explore how to leverage the potential of expertly crafted analyses to propel your business by reviewing our comprehensive findings.