Revolutionizing Reporting with PPT Automation

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Revolutionizing Reporting with PPT Automation
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The Challenge

Our client, which is active in the FMCG and animal health sectors, faced a daunting task: the repetitive creation of analytical PowerPoint decks, coupled with the constant need to update data and change slides, was proving to be a significant drain on resources.

Problems to solve

  • A high volume of analytical presentations required frequent and time-sensitive updates.
  • Cumbersome processes and long lead times for creating and modifying presentations hindered efficiency.
  • Business users struggled with self-service reporting, leading to a lack of confidence in data accuracy.

The solution

Our approach was to create an intuitive web application for PowerPoint automation that would enable:

  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop presentation design functionality.
  • Access to an extensive library of visual elements, ensuring compatibility with the PowerPoint ecosystem.
  • Seamless integration with custom data sources for dynamic content generation.


The implementation of our solution has paved the way for:

A standardized and streamlined process for creating analytical presentations, significantly reducing manual effort.

Increased user autonomy to modify and create presentations, fostering a culture of efficiency and collaboration.

A significant increase in the accuracy of data presentation, fostering trust and confidence in reporting tools.

Our expertise in digital innovation has streamlined complex processes, enabling industry leaders to focus on making informed decisions with speed and confidence.