C&F operates a cross industry Data Ecosystem and Commerce Platform (DECP36) offering several ways of monetizing data assets.
All models are delivered as SaaS, as necessary with the GDPR compliance modules to ensure a full obedience to local and international laws, business requirements (in B2B and B2B2C options) and advance data safety and security procedures as defined within ISO/IEC 27000 family.

C&F Data Monetization Solutions

DECP36 Ecosystem

Any interested and approved party can contribute with their corporate data assets and immediately benefit from brand new revenue streams – C&F monetizes the data assets on behalf of all Ecosystem Members. GDPR compliant.

DECP36 Subscription

Any interested party can subscribe to standard or custom information services utilizing rich and convergent data and advanced analytics. Cost effective, rapid and fully customizable, turnkey business intelligence.

DECP36 Appliance

Any interested party can license an Analytical Appliance from C&F to combine local analytics with global knowledge base for highly effective model training. Corporate data never leaves the corporate premises!

DECP36 User30

B2C offering providing data management and monetization capabilities to the end users changing the rules of today’s data business – where the individuals have been permanently excluded from the data value chain. Introducing User 3.0.

DECP36 Commerce

Private and secure marketplace with “shadowed” BTL campaigns run against user informed consent in accordance with the User 3.0 principles. Making commercial connections in fully private, safe and secure environment.