C&F Lite Sourcing Solutions

Near Shoring R&D Centers in Poland

High quality, cost effective and agile complex software systems development from architectural design to final usability tests.

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Nearshore IT development moves IT projects from your own country to another that is less expensive while close geographically and culturally. Geographical proximity eliminates typical offshore issues of different time and cultural differences usually being encountered.

Polish IT specialists are considered some of the most competent in Europe, especially with regards to the new technologies. Poland is a member of the EU and the Schengen Area, both labor and information (production data) can be freely exchanged with other EU countries.

C&F has nearly 20 years of successful history in software development across global geographies. That includes being both an outsourcing center to worldwide corporations as well as IT solution provider to global clients.

C&F principles have been and continue to focus around the highest quality deliverables and products, accountability, transparency and compliance confirmed through numerous audits and returning customers.

Choosing C&F as the nearshoring partner combines the top quality, compliance, ISO certifications (including the ISO/IEC 27000 family), accountability and answerability with the before named benefits of selecting Poland as the nearshoring country as well as prestigious premium location in Warsaw, modern office with excellent.

Smart Applification

Services Customer Low-Code Platform Projects: Rapid app development with the use of outsystems platform.

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Every facet crafted to help create better apps faster. From highly efficient visual development to robust instruments for app deployment and management. Apps delivered quickly and changes make easily allowing to fully concentrate on solving business problems.

C&F Smart Applification Services:

  • Customer Low-Code Platform ProjectsRapid app development with the use of outsystems platform

  • Territory VAR of outsystems Platform

    Full spectrum of low-code outsystems products – license and maintenance

SWAT Implementation Teams

Implementation projects with necessary system integration elements delivered on behalf of / standing for global software manufacturers.

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C&F provides outsourcing services to global software and technology companies to support installation, configuration, implementation and integration projects.

C&F team can work as a partner team or in a ‘while label’ model.

Outsourcing the implementation tasks provides our clients with a full flexibility in terms of resource management. C&F offers scalability, agility and speed.

C&F specialists are certified in numerous leading technologies. For the long term co-operation we can designate and train dedicated teams to provide the highest quality services and sustainability.

Smart Maintenance & User Centers

Remote maintenance services and customer / user service & help centers.

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Modern IT systems must be available at any time and must operate with greatest efficiency. A permanent reliability and high productivity must be ensured day-today.

To ensure the continuous success on a long-term basis C&F will be more than happy to insource the maintenance including management and resources.

As you want to concentrate on core business, C&F will assume the responsibility for the setup and the application of the maintenance.

Similarly, we can insource you customer services and hotline responsibilities and obligations offering a substantial cost reduction potential improvement of overall effectivity.

C&F Academy

Training Center to bring off education projects, whether related to C&F product portfolio (user training) or custom training needs from our clients.

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Managed Learning Services enable companies to focus on its core functions without having to concern themselves with the burdens of developing training schedules for different training courses.

C&F Group offers Training Outsourcing services for both your internal education programs as well as for training services to be provided to your clients.

Our services can be provided in four delivery models:

  • on premise, with our trainers travelling to your business location or to the location of your customer

  • on site, utilizing our own training infrastructure and utilities

  • via conferencing systems in real time

  •  as an e-learning curriculum in longer-term cooperation programs