AdaptiveGRC and forward earth Announce Strategic Partnership to Advance Sustainability Solutions

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AdaptiveGRC and forward earth Announce Strategic Partnership to Advance Sustainability Solutions
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AdaptiveGRC, a recognized governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution from C&F, and forward earth, an innovative sustainability platform, are proud to announce their strategic partnership to advance sustainable business practices worldwide. This partnership marks a significant step forward in enabling organizations to effectively manage their environmental impact while ensuring regulatory compliance.

As sustainability becomes an increasingly crucial concern for organizations across industries, the collaboration between AdaptiveGRC and forward earth aims to provide comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate sustainability considerations into existing GRC frameworks.

AdaptiveGRC brings its expertise in developing cutting-edge software solutions for managing governance, risk and compliance challenges, enabling organizations to streamline their operations and adapt to the evolving regulatory framework. Meanwhile, forward earth provides a holistic sustainability platform that enables companies to effectively measure and analyze their environmental footprint leveraging newest AI technology.

“The partnership between AdaptiveGRC and forward earth represents the convergence of two industry-leading platforms with a shared vision of advancing sustainability and responsible business practices,” said Jan Anisimowicz, Chief Solutions Architect at C&F. “By combining our strengths, we aim to provide organizations with the tools they need to address complex sustainability challenges while ensuring compliance and driving long-term value.”

Through this partnership, clients of both AdaptiveGRC and forward earth will benefit from enhanced capabilities to integrate sustainability metrics into their risk management frameworks, enabling proactive identification and mitigation of environmental risks while aligning with global sustainability goals.

“We are excited to join forces with AdaptiveGRC to provide our customers with comprehensive sustainability solutions,” said Naemi Schink, responsible for product marketing at forward earth. “By leveraging AdaptiveGRC’s robust GRC platform with our innovative sustainability technology, organizations can achieve greater transparency, accountability and resilience in their sustainability initiatives.”

The collaboration between AdaptiveGRC and forward earth underscores their commitment to empowering organizations to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape by embracing sustainability as a core business imperative.

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About AdaptiveGRC:

AdaptiveGRC manages a wide range of corporate governance, risk management and compliance regulations in highly regulated industries. Using this in internal audit ensures accuracy and efficiency in the evaluation and management of organizational risks and controls. This product is an offering from C&F, the Warsaw-based company which has expanded its reach with offices in Denver and Heidelberg, serving prominent names in the companies recognized on the Fortune 500 and regulated industries. With AdaptiveGRC, you gain access to C&F’s reputation as well as the expertise of the team with over 20 years of experience that ensures excellence and reliability.

About forward earth:

Forward Earth is an innovative sustainability platform that empowers organizations to measure, analyze their environmental footprint leveraging state of the art AI technology. By providing actionable insights and tools, forward earth enables organizations to improve their sustainability performance and drive positive environmental impact.