Leadership Transition Opens New Chapter for C&F

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Leadership Transition Opens New Chapter for C&F
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We are pleased to announce a significant leadership transition that marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for our company. As we enter 2024, these changes represent our commitment to innovation, strategic growth and global reach.

Tomasz Młodecki, an esteemed member of our team for 17 years, steps into the role of Global CEO. Tomasz reflects on his new role: “Taking on this responsibility is a personal commitment that is deeply rooted in my strong connection to this team and our shared successes that have contributed to C&F’s growth throughout the year. In my new role, I will strategically use our strengths in innovation and technology to expand our operations in Poland, the U.S. and Germany. The goal is to build on our legacy while navigating a future that carefully balances ambition with sustainability and progress, with the well-being of our team and customers at the forefront.” 

Tomasz Bogusławski, transitioning from CEO to Chief Operating Officer, shares his vision for his new role: ” In my new role as Chief Operating Officer (COO), I recognize the critical need for a strategic approach in our rapidly changing economic and technological world. I am committed to using strategic insight to address challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities to ensure our company’s continued growth and success. I look forward to working closely with Tomasz Młodecki and the rest of our leadership team to chart a course that is innovative, responsible and forward-thinking”. 

We are also pleased to welcome Matthew Sowa as Chief Business Development Officer. Commenting on his new role, Matthew said, “Joining C&F’s leadership team is a challenge I am eager to take on. My journey with C&F, moving from a customer-supplier relationship to a position of trust and strategic input, has given me a unique perspective on the needs of our customers, particularly in the US market. In this new role, I will focus on deepening our relationships with key stakeholders, particularly within the Fortune 500 life sciences sector, and expanding our strategic reach. I am committed to driving growth that is not only profitable, but also consistent with C&F’s core values and innovative spirit”. 

These changes in leadership have been effectively communicated and welcomed throughout our organization. We not only congratulate ourselves on these new appointments, but also reaffirm our commitment to our mission and values.  

As we begin to implement these steps, we remain committed to open dialogue, engaging our employees at all levels, and ensuring a smooth transition that maintains the trust of our customers and stakeholders.