C&F experts join the Supply Chain Cybersecurity Team

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C&F experts join the Supply Chain Cybersecurity Team
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C&F experts have been hand-picked by the Polish national research institute NASK and joined the Cybersecurity in Supply Chain Team, operating in the Ministry of Digital Affairs Cybersecurity Group. ​​​​​​​The experts will be tasked with supporting the development of specifications for a set of tools to effectively manage and limit risks related to cooperation with suppliers and providers.

NASK is a Polish national research institute whose mission is to develop and implement solutions which facilitate the development of information and communication networks in Poland, in addition to improving their effectiveness and security. NASK carries out research and development projects as well as projects aimed at improving the security of Polish civilian cyberspace.

Working in the team for Cybersecurity in the Supply Chain organized by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister is not only an opportunity for each of its members to have a real impact on cybersecurity in the country but also an opportunity to gain knowledge and exchange experiences with other experts in this field.

Konrad Trubas, C&F, Information Security Officer

About NASK: https://www.nask.pl/