Two C&F Board members appointed vice presidents

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Two C&F Board members appointed vice presidents
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It is our pleasure to announce that the C&F Supervisory Board recently decided to extend the terms of office for all members of the Management Board, as well as to assign Vice President roles to Piotr Pielasa and Tomasz Młodecki, C&F’s long-serving leaders and Executives.

C&F’s leadership structure continues its evolution to ensure it is in the best possible starting position for the next stage of growth and success in a dynamic and challenging business environment.

The following members of the C&F Executive Team will remain on C&F’s Management Board:

·         Piotr Pielasa (Carlos)

As Chief Solutions Officer and Vice President, Piotr, will continue overseeing and enhancing our partnerships with strategic clients.

·         Tomasz Młodecki (Alvaro)

As Chief Commercial Officer and Vice President, Tomasz will continue managing all C&F’s commercial processes, including sales and marketing. He will also be responsible for C&F’s drive towards further diversification of our business.

·         Justyna Giezek

As Chief Financial Officer, Justyna will continue overseeing financial affairs, reporting, compliance, and enabling our Administration and Legal departments.

·         Jan Anisimowicz

As Chief Portfolio Officer, Jan will lead the commercialization of solutions developed by C&F and their incorporation into our proprietary portfolio offering. He will also continue overseeing C&F’s GRC business line.

·         Wojciech Winnicki

As Chief Technology Officer, Wojciech will continue overseeing C&F’s technology-related strategy.

Assignments of new vice president positions and the extension of the Management Board’s term confirm the company’s consistent continuation on its chosen path of growth and progress toward top company priorities, as well as strengthening existing partnerships and building new ones.