Tech Happy Hour – knowledge sharing made accessible

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Tech Happy Hour – knowledge sharing made accessible
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We’ve launched the fall edition of Tech Happy Hour, our periodic meetings to broaden horizons. We are meeting hybrid-fashion, live in the office and online. This enables those who work remotely to participate and learn new and exciting things.

​Tech Happy Hour – THH – is a series of meetings in which our experts freely share their knowledge, and everyone can learn about things unrelated directly to the stuff they are involved in daily. We know from experience that THH makes our work more interesting, we discover each other’s competences as well as our own, and everyone’s expertise flourishes.
Today’s event was split into two parts: Wojciech Winnicki hosted the one on Data Management, and Maciej Kłodaś talked about User Experience.

During the part on DM we learned about some interesting uses of the Snowflake cloud database and about data integration in near real time. Then, Maciej Kłodaś told us about the very concept of UX, showed approaches to UX in Enterprise-class solutions and working with data, and towards the end embarked on some UX myth busting.
So far, we’ve had between 105 and 156 THH participants joining each session! We’re happy to see our in-company events enjoy such popularity and are already busy planning the next one!