Delivering the complete range of development and technology operations basing on specialized resources and agile teams.

In a Nutshell


Continuous improvement of digital processes requires close cooperation of development and operations.

We deliver the complete range of development and technology operations. Our DevOps model is based on fewer, but more specialized resources and agile teams with cross-competency roles​.

Expect From Us

Engineering Competence

Engineering Competence

A DevOps team comprised of highly competent engineers, allowing for seamless delivery of even minor changes.

Commitment and Initiative

Commitment and Initiative

Reliable unsupervised work to address minor modifications as required.

Continuous Integration and Development

Continuous Integration and Development

Intertwined integration and development (CICD) to enable the release at any time.

Proactive Approach

Proactive Approach

Readiness to take initiative and a proactive approach.

Regulated Industry Readiness

Regulated Industry Readiness

Extensive track record of projects carried out in regulated environments.

Our Technologies

Our team utilizes market-leading solutions and services that allow us to create cloud-ready, scalable and efficient IT solutions.


Data Integration & Transformation

Trust your data. Take care of the basics. Ensure data quality.


Databases & Data warehouses

Use the right architecture. Collect, validate and analyze.



Manage sales and resources. Have the complete picture.

Our Team

Transformation requires team cooperation and readiness for change. With our 350+ highly qualified engineers we can help any enterprise transform into the most digitally advanced organization.

Piotr Pielasa
Piotr Pielasa

Chief Solutions Officer,
Vice President of the Management Board

I have been working with technology for years, of which the vast majority - as much as 16 years - is working with the C&F team. My first position was Java Enterprise developer, and then, at C&F, I dealt with R&D, data warehouses and Business Intelligence.
At C&F I am responsible for the Life Science business line including value proposition and customer relationship management.

Education: Warsaw University of Technology, MSc. in Information systems, Data Mining, Knowledge discovery

Łukasz Różycki
Łukasz Różycki

Smart Applications

My experience is built on designing and developing ETL process for Fermat application, development database in Oracle 9, and tunning Oracle processes with Fermat application.
My area of expertise includes Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Oracle, as well as ETL, ITIL, MDM, CRM and integration, migration and modeling of the data.

Education: University of Warsaw, MSc, International Relations

Tobiasz Kroll
Tobiasz Kroll

Senior Business Analyst

I am an IT Manager with 14 years of experience in IT Service Management, IT Consulting, and Project Delivery. Over these years, I gained a wealth of expertise in the areas of CRM, Business Intelligence, Data Management, and Data Lakes.
My competences cover the full solution lifecycle: requirements analysis, design & implementation until production maintenance activities. Recently, I have been responsible for delivering a modern, highly available, and scalable Data Lake platform.

Education: Warsaw University of Technology, MSc in Computer Science, Information and Decision Systems.

Client Success Stories

How during the pandemic we optimized vaccine production and delivery process?

During the pandemic, our client, a global pharmaceutical leader, needed to optimise its COVID-19 vaccine production and delivery processes. Our client had to rapidly implement business applications in order to increase production efficiency.

How we boosted a COVID-19 vaccine production by digitally enhancing manufacturing operations

In response to an unprecedented global pandemic, our client – one of the pharma industry leaders- set out to develop, test, mass produce and organize the global distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine.

How to manage national resources to fight COVID-19 in the cloud?

Availability of ICUs is one of the key factors to keep the death toll as low as possible. ICU-M has been one of the reasons Germany has been managing the pandemic relatively well, keeping the number of deaths per 1M population at the low end compared with other EU states.

Bringing a global pharma company out of the dark via a Single Source of Truth (SSOT)

To get the full picture of the global market situation, companies use various sources of data. But to effectively control and steer business activity at all levels on global scale they need a centralized and trustworthy data source.

How to restore effective sales in animal pharma ensuring high quality and reliability of data

Our solutions cover all aspects of customer and sales transactions processing for life science industry companies carrying out their sales activity on many markets in cooperation with wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

Can proper data management help restart a shutdown pharma production plant?

Introducing rigorous quality assurance and management tools into data integration to enable the fastest possible resumption of a production plant’s functioning shut down due to issues with ERP system implementation.

How we helped Boehringer-Ingelheim stabilize their data ecosystem

Data governance, data management and data quality are the basis for the effective integration of IT systems, especially when the organization implements new solutions.

How we made the slow and inaccurate CEESA reporting in an animal pharma company much faster and much more accurate

Abundance of data can have enormous potential for business, but it can also be a source of problems. With large-scale operations – and this is where international animal pharma players operate – automation and advanced analytical methods become essential to building value from data insights.

Improving the workflow of Randstadt’s HR with an employee self-service solution

Low-code is the perfect tool for creating scalable solutions that ensure employee empowerment and self-service for simple activities and tasks. This can significantly relieve HR departments of the overload of administrative matters.

See how we used low-code to enable our pharma client to stay transparent and compliant with European legislation

End-to-end, flexible low-code based solution integrated with all the peripheral systems in company to meet rigorous transparency regulations for the pharma industry.

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