C&F in TOP5 of the ITWIZ BEST100 ranking in sales to healthcare!

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C&F in TOP5 of the ITWIZ BEST100 ranking in sales to healthcare!
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A few weeks ago we were celebrating one ranking, 2021 roundup LINK, and now comes the time to again be proud of our team, their work and results – ITwiz BEST 100 has been released.
C&F finds itself at no. 5 in the ITwiz BEST 100 ranking among companies with largest revenue from application implementation sales (we climbed 2 places here). Among companies with largest sales to the healthcare sector C&F is also ranked fifth. This clearly shows that our activities, hard work and involvement are appreciated by our clients and end users of our products and solutions.

The ranking includes a whopping 311 businesses. C&F now ranks 116 in the category of largest IT companies operating in Poland in 2021, thanks to our 54% increase in revenue as compared to 2020. 
The ITwiz BEST 100 ranking is an independent, credible source of information about the current condition of ICT companies. Also included are descriptions of the strategies of leading businesses in key economic sectors in Poland, as well as a set of expert commentaries analyzing the needs of companies that purchase ICT solutions. 
Additionally, C&F is ranked in top ten of companies with largest sales of analytics, Big Data, Body Leasing, and print management and document flow systems. 
As the ITwiz BEST 100 ranking is a trusted source of recommendations for anyone who is looking for information on providers and suppliers in their markets, we are happy to see C&F in top 20 of companies with largest revenue from the sales of IT consultancy, Computing and Cloud Computing services and bespoke software sales. 
Rankings like this one, where with each new edition we see C&F climb, sometimes leap many notches in one go, are evidence enough that business-wise we have been and still are making good decisions! We can’t wait till the next edition, as celebrating success every year is great pleasure!