C&F statement on COVID-19

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C&F statement on COVID-19
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As the coronavirus outbreak situation is developing across the Europe it is important we provide clients of our services and products an accurate and timely information on the status and mitigations steps C&F undertakes to avoid or limit the impact of the outbreak to our business.

Background facts

In Poland, where most of our works are performed, we have 58 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. That is relatively low ratio among EU counties. No one at C&F is infected or quarantined.
The government is introducing further countermeasures. Mass events were banned and preventive school suspension announced.

Preventive measures taken in C&F

  • we closely follow and apply the recommendations of the responsible government institutions
  • we have temporarily suspended business trips and actively inform employees about discouraged, high-risk private travel destinations
  • strict policy against visiting office with any symptoms
  • advised self-isolation at suspicion of being in increased risk group
  • we provide the technical resources needed for remote working

Business Continuity Plan

Our BCP was designed and tested for similar situation and envisions company-wide switch to fully remote operation. C&F is fully prepared to work remotely in case it is not possible or not recommended to work from any of our offices. Such measure is likely to be introduced if advised by government officials as part of preventive action.