C&F’s Outstanding Performance in ITwiz BEST 100 ranking for 2022

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C&F’s Outstanding Performance in ITwiz BEST 100 ranking for 2022
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The ITwiz BEST100 Report 2023 edition is a ranking of manufacturers and providers of IT solutions and services present on the Polish market, according to sales results in 2022. C&F was ranked in TOP 5 of 3 categories for the year 2022 in the ITwiz Best 100 ranking list!

We demonstrate our commitment to innovation and excellence across a wide range of segments by consistently and commendably performing in the ITwiz BEST 100 ranking for 2022, with 353 outstanding companies making it into the list.

Our achievements by category:

Healthcare: Our 3rd place ranking in sales to the healthcare sector underlines our dedication to making healthcare more accessible and efficient through technology.

Big Data Analytics: Since 2021, our revenue has increased by 270%. We are in 4th place for Big Data analytics sales, which shows how much the industry relies on data-driven decision-making and how deep our expertise is.

App Implementation: Our solutions are in 5th place and are very popular with businesses that want to improve their operations and offer their customers the best possible experience.

Document Circulation: Our stronghold in sales of document circulation management systems, holding the 7th position, emphasizes our capability to make enterprises more organized and efficient.

Mobile Apps: Our debut in the mobile app vendor category, straight into the 9th position, showcases our adaptability and prowess in catering to the mobile-first world.

Cloud Computing: The future is in the cloud, and our 11th rank, with an astounding 220% growth, highlights our readiness and dominance in this space.

IT Consultancy: Doubling our performance with a 100% increase, we attest to our comprehensive approach in 14th position by guiding businesses through digital transformation.

Bespoke Software: Tailoring solutions to specific business needs is our forte, with a 68% growth underscoring our rank at 16th in this domain.

These achievements are not created on their own. Our team, collaborators, and partners work together to achieve every rank, growth percentage, and innovation. Their dedication, along with the trust and collaboration of our clients, is the foundation of our success. While we celebrate these accomplishments, we are motivated to continue pushing boundaries to ensure that C&F maintains its position as a leader in technological innovation and exceptional service in the future.