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How to manage operational risks in a time of regional wars and global sanctions?

On the one hand, you can use the experience gained when the pandemic destabilized the market, but on the other – significant flexibility is necessary, as the situation keeps dynamically changing, what with new sanctions being imposed on Russia and Belarus all the time. And information technology has conveniently made it possible to greatly improve the effectiveness of managing operational risks.

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C&F featured in The Silicon Review

The Silicon Review features Leszek Rabiega's (CEO of C&F) article: "Transform your business and innovate with C&F’s explicitly built product portfolio to help you make data-driven decisions".

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It is high time to start making data-driven decisions

The current pandemic should become an impulse to prepare for future times of unpredictability. It could be an opportunity if companies consciously work with data and build a solid foundation for decision making. But it could also be a threat if data management is based on solutions that are poorly adjusted to the business model.

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