C&F ranked 8th in terms of revenue growth in Computerworld’s TOP200 report
Published on Jun 26, 2021

C&F has been listed listed among the largest IT service providers in Poland in Computerworld’s TOP200 report.

The report is a comprehensive study that presents the condition of the ICT sector in Poland. It includes information about the ICT market’s economic situation and the financial results of companies from this sector. In this year’s ranking of the largest Polish IT companies, we are placed at the152nd position.
We also ranked as the 8th IT provider with the largest increase in export revenues in 2020, reflecting our growing strength.

How we performed in the Computerworld ranking in particular categories?

  • 6th among IT solution and service providers for the healthcare sector,
  • 7th place in the largest software testing service providers category,
  • 14th among the largest providers of consulting services,
  • 15th place in the largest mobile applications providers category,
  • 24th place in the largest IT solution exporters category,
  • 28th among Cloud Service Providers.


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