CF4GOOD: we have been helping for two years now!

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CF4GOOD: we have been helping for two years now!
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CF4GOOD is an employee-driven charity program, where the personnel find persons in need and worthy initiatives through their own contact networks. Our company sets aside a certain sum for socially responsible goals every year, and everyone can suggest where the money should be best spent. We have been doing it this way since the outbreak of the pandemic back in early 2020. The following year, in 2021, the total amount C&F channeled into helping others amounted to 140 thousand PLN!​

We divided this sum among 48 beneficiaries (NGOs and individuals) to use in a variety of projects or serve as direct aid to those in need (e.g., medical costs). The amount each beneficiary receives is calculated proportionally based on votes cast by the entire C&F personnel. In 2021, of the initial sum of 100 thousand PLN, 48% went to words supporting children, 27% – adults, 12% – animal welfare organizations, and 13% – other worthy causes.

– It is their involvement and the kindness of our personnel’s hearts that dictates what goals and which organizations we support. The CF4GOOD program does not impose anything. Rather, it places the initiative in the hands of our team and gives them the chance to build a better world in their neighborhoods. – says CF’s Tomasz Bogusławski.

Even though the sum we initially set aside for team-suggested charity causes in 2021 was 100 000 PLN, after distributing this amount we decided to give a further 40 000 to support a scholarship program for talented schoolchildren from underprivileged backgrounds. This money goes to support children interested in developing their IT skills, and more precisely – 14  grade- and high-schoolers in the care of The Saint Nicholas Foundation. In addition to monetary benefits, the beneficiaries will also receive vouchers for programming courses.

The program was conceived at the beginning of the pandemic, when most of us felt a greater need to aid the less fortunate around us. But we are set on continuing it in future, because its effects are… good. We are happy to see our help reach so many people all around Poland.

In 2020, over 5 editions of the initiative, we supported 24 charity programs with a total of 50 000 PLN. 2021 saw this sum double, and seeing the great results we added another 40 thousand for scholarships.

In 2022 we will be continuing C&F4GOOD. We plan 4 editions spaced out over the year. The first CF4GOOD activity was funding the publication of 2000 copies of jedzONKO, a nutrition guide for children in oncology wards across Poland.

Far from being insensitive to what is happening to our Ukrainian neighbors, as soon as the war started – in February 2022 – we started financing relevant aid initiatives that our staff and collaborators were involved in.  We are open to suggestions from our employees and collaborators on how to develop and expand our CF4GOOD charity program.