C&F UKPR Agrykola wins Polish Girls’ Youth Championship!

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C&F UKPR Agrykola wins Polish Girls’ Youth Championship!
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On June 2 in Nowa Karczma (Poland) the Girls’ Youth handball team C&F UKPR Agrykola (which we sponsor) won the Polish National Cup. 32 youth teams (players born 2007-2009) competed in championships organized by Poland Handball Federation. In addition to the trophy, C&F UKPR Agrykola players were also recognized as Top Scorer, Top Goalie, Top Pivot and Top Center. 

Our players, their coaches and supporters are sure to remember this season long. The team beat 11 opponents in the national stage and were favorites in the Nowa Karczma finals. 

The playoffs of the Poland Handball Federation Girls’ Youth Cup saw C&F UKPR Agrykola win all their games. In the final the team played against Bukowsko-Dopiewski KPR, beating them 20:16 and winning the Girls’ Youth Cup 2022. 

The success of the C&F UKPR Agrykola team was in part due to excellent performance of individual players. As many as 4 individual recognitions were awarded to Agrykola girls: the tournament’s Top Scorer was unequivocally Amelia Narożniak, Top Goalie – Adrianna Dudek, Top Center – Marta Czachor, Top Pivot award went to Oliwia Jaroniec. 

Congratulations to the C&F UKPR Agrykola Girls’ team on their great success! We are happy to be able to support young sports talents on their way to fulfilling their ambitions.