C&F Power Day 2022

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C&F Power Day 2022
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Everyone on the team is feeling energized – and it’s all because of the C&F POWER DAY – a super-picnic Saturday, chock-full of activities.

After the pandemic lockdowns we all needed to meet, mingle, and have fun. And a company team building event doesn’t have to mean leaving your nearest and dearest behind. Every C&F-er was able to bring a +1, their kids, and even their pet.

We planned the day in such a way that everyone would find something to suit their interests: there were POWER STATIONS for kids and other POWER STATIONS for grownups. Some competitive elements allowed us to win great prizes for completing tasks at varying levels of challenge. Most popular among the older crowd were POWER STATIONS with cars, ATVs, and scooters, while kids loved the giant Jenga and other puzzles.  

Thank you everyone for being there, it was great to meet NOT in a teleconference!