How we boosted a COVID-19 vaccine production by digitally enhancing manufacturing operations

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How we boosted a COVID-19 vaccine production by digitally enhancing manufacturing operations
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The Challenge

In response to an unprecedented global pandemic, our client – one of the pharma industry leaders – set out to develop, test, mass produce and organize the global distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine.
The company was already implementing a strategic project to digitize its manufacturing processes. In cooperation with C&F, our customer had already achieved measurable successes in implementing the Digital Operations Center (DOC). However, as world-wide attention shifted to finding a vaccine to help end the pandemic, the DOC program did a very effective pivot mid-way through to put its undivided attention on supporting the efforts to expedite the manufacturing of this much needed COVID-19 vaccine.

Problems to solve

  • Pivot the project mid-way through to focus on the COVID-19 vaccine production without slowing down any existing drug manufacturing operations
  • Provide full visibility of the product (vaccine) through production & supply chain
  • Improve production yield and cycle time
  • Reduce errors and risks in production and quality control

The solution

Implementation of the DOC – a suite of digital solutions to support manufacturing operations, enabling timely manufacturing and supply decisions across the organization:

  • Visual Management Actions & Metrics
  • Continuous Improvement (CI) Loop
  • Standard Work Planning and Execution
  • Incident Board
  • Continuous Improvement (CI) Analytics
  • Leadership Ecosystem for Above Site Operations


Bottleneck cycle time reduced

Better Manufacturing Attainment

Intersite Service Level Increased

Days Reduced Cycle Time

Pharmaceutical companies that have taken up the challenge of producing a coronavirus vaccine faced two major and equally important tasks: vaccine development and vaccine manufacturing. Despite facing unprecedented challenges, in less than a year they delivered with the help of manufacturing digitization.

Michael Mercurio | Vice President, Client Services