Bringing a global pharma company out of the dark via a Single Source of Truth (SSOT)

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Bringing a global pharma company out of the dark via a Single Source of Truth (SSOT)
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The Challenge

As one of the largest pharma companies in the world, our client relies on CEESA (a non-profit international organization carrying out the CESA International Sales Survey) data to better understand the global competitive environment.
But to get the full picture of the global market situation,  other data sources needed to be added to the data landscape. To control and steer business activity at all organizational levels, our client needed a centralized and trustworthy data source.

Problems to solve

  • Lack of a trustworthy way to leverage data from various sources to make decisions based on the actual market context
  • Spreadsheet-based data collection

The solution

The solution: PHC Market Data Dashboard as the Single Source of Truth

  • Moving from data collection to data analysis: delivering a consolidated dashboard enables a quick overview but also a deep dive when needed (all within the same tool).
  • Providing a one-page overview of the most important performance indicators for sales areas
  • Providing analysis based on parameters such as measures, time periods, geographies, countries, products. 


Significant acceleration of the data analysis process

User-friendly data landscape overview

Integration and consolidation of multiple data sources

Data collection is the first step - and many companies know how challenging and important it is - towards becoming data driven. The next step is to move from collecting to analyzing in such a way that the data insights are not only trustworthy, but also easy to obtain and use in decision making.

Tomasz Młodecki, C&F | Chief Data Officer